This mingame is fun, and the rewards are excellent. This is the only way, besides donating, that you can get a Korasi. So, here are things about battlegrounds. If you die, you will have to go back to where you died and pick up your items.

You can go to Battlegrounds by clicking on the minigames teleport.

The shop is Baba Yaga, just talk to her and you'll see the shop.

To begin Battlegrounds, click the Guthix (Green) portal and you'll be teleported to the battlegrounds arena.

The Monsters

Fire Elementals-35- These monsters give 2 points, but they're really easy.

Luminescent Icefiend-456-These monsters give 10 points, they're easy, but they take awhile to kill.

Gluttonous Behemoth-613-These monsters give 25 points, but they're challenging to kill.

Bulwark Beast-474-These monsters give 35 points, they're a pain to kill, I'd suggest bringing two or more people.

How to get more points by the hour.

Ok, if you are bringing two or more people, I'd suggest gluttonous behemoth.

If you're going solo, I'd kill fire elementals, or if u have good gear, kill gluttonous behemoth.

Don't do Bulwark Beast - He has really high defence, 3 hp bars, and gives only 35 points. Also, he hits pretty high, and if you pray melee, it'll be constant 5s.

Also, don't do luminescent icefiend. He has a big hp bar, and only gives 10 points.

Thanks for reading!

Made by Evan