Corporeal Beast

Corporeal Beast

This beast is the highest level monster in the whole server. It is also the only way to get spirit shield sigils other than from other players. You can get to him by clicking the More Bosses teleport.

Bring four prayer potions, food that is atleast shark or better, and armor with high defence. The area where the boss is at is multi-combat, so you can bring a team to kill it quicker.

Pray Protect from Range and eat when you are atleast 60 hitpoints. He can hit with all three attack styles, but he usually hits with range. He doesn't have a lot of health bars, but he has high defence.

When he dies, his respawn is pretty slow. So you'll have to wait a good thirty seconds, but you could get your drop easily.

Guide Created by Evan

Modifications and Pictures by Cali