Crafting is a fun skill, and is a rich money making technique.

To begin, buy a Chisel and some Sapphires (blue gems) from Bob. They're fairly cheap, so if you lose either one, you can buy them quickly.

Now, use the Chisel on the Sapphire. When the desired action is aquired, an Amulet of Magic is created! Cutting each Sapphire gives 500 experience. Continue cutting sapphires until you reach level 27.

With the required level of 27, you should be able to chisel Emeralds (green gems). Craft them into an Amulet of Defence. You will receive 650 experience. Continue cutting Emeralds until you reach level 34.

With a Crafting level of 34, you should be able to cut Rubies (red gems). When crafted, you will get an Amulet of Strength. Each cut Ruby gives 850 experience. Continue crafting Rubies until you have reached level 43.

With 43Ccrafting, you will be able to craft Diamonds (white gems). Every time you cut a Diamond, it will give 1080 experience. Continue crafting Diamonds until you have reached level 55.

Because of having 55 Crafting, you can now cut Dragonstones (purple gems). Every time you cut a Dragonstone, it will give 1380 experience. Continue crafting Dragonstones until level 67.

Now you have reached the last gem, and the best one, the Onyx. You can make an Amulet of Fury with an Onyx, then sell back for profit. For more additional information about this profit, go to the guide of Moneymaking. Every time you cut an Onyx, it gives 1680 experience. Continue crafting Onyx until you've reached the last level, 99 Crafting.

When you have mastered the Crafting skill, you can purchase the Crafting Skillcape to show off!

Guide Created by Evan.

Editing and Pictures by Cali.

Thanks Galio for helping me find out the levels and experiences!