Ice Strykewyrm

Ice Strykewyrm, being hard to spell, are good money making. You will usually get these while training Slayer. You can go to them by using the More Bosses Teleport.

Ice Strykewyrms are fairly easy, with only 2 Hipoint Bars. I'd recommend using Bandos or better armour against these. If you are aware that your armour doesn't have good Defence, use the Protect From Melee Prayer. They commonly hit 0's, but they have a slim chance of hitting a 40 or higher.

Ice Strykewyrm Drops

Staff of Light

2 Million Gold

10 Overload potions

NOTE : They give 10000 Slayer experience per kill.

Guide Created by Evan.

Editing, Improving, and Pictures by Cali.