To start out this guide, you'll need to wear a melee weapon. An iron scimitar has been included in your starter pack, so to speed up things, wear it. Before you attack, go to the combat screen where it names your weapon, and choose whichever skill you want to train. Chop would make you train Attack, Slash would make you train Strength, and Block would make you train Defence.

Places to train at:

A good place to train when you begin is Rock Crabs. They're located in Northern Relekka, and you can get there by clicking the Monster Teleport in your spellbook.

After you've reached higher levels, try slayer monsters. They usually have high hp, but low defence. You can get there by monster teleport.

As you gain more and more levels, you could wear better gear, which would help you a ton. Also, since you have higher levels and could wear better weapons/armor, you could also be fighting harder monsters. They'll be more of a challenge, but you could get a good drop from certain monsters.

Guide Created by Evan