Mining is yet another money making skill in which you can sell your ores to the general store. It is a time consuming skill, which takes usually a weekend or two. You can mine at the mining teleport in the Skill teleport.

To start mining, buy an iron pickaxe from Bob for 161 coins. If you have some more money, buy a rune pickaxe, as it will decrease the time to mine an ore.

Now, click on the copper(tan) rock or the tin(grey) rock west or east of the bank in the mining teleport. They both give 360 experience points, 720 points on the weekends. Keep on mining copper or tin rocks until level 15.

Now that you have 15 mining, mine the Iron(dark brown) rock south of the copper rocks. Each time you mine one, you get 700 experience points, 1400 points on the weekends. Keep on mining iron rocks until level 30.

Now, click the coal(black) rock. They are located in the south-west corner and south-east of the bank. They give 1000 experience points, 2000 points if you mine on the weekends. Keep on mining these until level 40.

With 40 mining, you can now mine gold rocks. They are like their name the same color. Gold rocks are located in the southern part of the mining teleport, right by the gate the separates the mining guild from the mining teleport. Each gold ore you get gives you 1300 experience points, 2600 points on the weekends. Keep on mining these until level 55.

Now, mine the mithril(blue) rocks. They're located south of the iron rocks. They give 1600 experience points, 3200 experience points. Mine these until level 70.

Now with 70 mining, mine some adamantite(addy) rocks. They're the green ones. They are located near the middle of the mining teleport, east of the mithril rocks. They give 1900 experience points, 3800 points each time you mine an ore. Mine these until level 85.

If you want to be safe, keep on mining addy rocks until 99. With 85 mining, now you can mine the ONLY TWO runite rocks in the game. They're the best rocks in the game to mine. They're located in level 46 Wilderness, East of the KBD (King Black Dragon) Teleport. Watch out for pkers! Mine runite rocks until 99 mining. At the moment, runite rocks are glitched.

Now that you have 99 mining, go get your skillcape! The mining skillcape can be bought from the Wise Old Man in the shops area. They're 116k for each skillcape. The cape itself is grey, but when it is trimmed, the trim is a light blue.

Thanks for reading!

Thanks Aaron for finding about the glitch and the level of Wilderness runite rocks are in!

Guide was made by Evan.