Monster Drops

Below are some monsters that contain really good drops. Perhaps you'd like to take a look and fight them yourselves in the future for these items!

Nomad: Primal Platebody, Primal Chainskirt, Primal Platelegs, Primal Plateskirt, Primal Kiteshield, Primal Gauntlets, Primal Boots, Primal Full Helm, Primal Maul, Primal Longsword, Primal Rapier, Primal Warhammer, and Primal Battleaxe. (or to sum it all up, all Primal equipment.)

Penance Queen: An Ourg Bone.

Avatar of Destruction: All Chaotic Weapons, Dragon Sq Shield (or), Ourg Bones, Mercenary Gloves, Dungeoneering Shields (Eagle-eye and Farseer), Elite Void.

Forgotten Warriors: Clue Scrolls (The clue scrolls drop a wide variety of items like haloes, third age, staff of lights, blessed spirit shields, and other goodies.)

Ice Strykewyrms: Staff of Light, Soul Wars Capes, 2 Million gold, 10 Overloads

Tormented Demons: Dragon Claws

Corporeal Beast: All spirit shield sigils.

  • More will be added
  • Guide Created by Evan and Cali