Penance queen-1-
Penance Queen

Just by the looks of the thing, we all want to kill it. You can enter her lair in the More Bosses Teleport.

To begin, check to make sure you have 43 Prayer. Bring armour with good Prayer gear, four Prayer potions, and food. Use the Protect from Melee Prayer so the monster only hits a constant five. Bring a weapon that has a Special Attack to speed up the chance of killing it.

NOTE : Her lair is a multi-combat area, so teams are able to go in and kill it as well.

The Penance Queen hits quickly, so it is recommended to eat when you have atleast 30 Hitpoints or above. Fortunately, it has low Defence, so the ten Hipoint Bars it has will go by quite fast.

Penance Queen Drops

Ourg Bone

Guide Created by Evan.

Editing and Organizing by Cali.

Thanks Galio (Demigodz) for helping me with the research and picture!