RS Fun Shops

The shops are located in Varrock Square, the Armour Shop, and Arrow Shop.

Skilling Store : Shopkeeper : Bob

Tinderbox l Chisel l Hammer l Knife l Iron Hatchet l Rune Hatchet l Iron Pickaxe l Rune Pickaxe l Vials of Water l Rune Essence l All Farming Seeds l All Uncut gems l Needle l Small Fishing Net l Harpoon l Lobster Cage l Bones

General Store : Shopkeeper : Shop Assistant

Lockpick l Tuna l Rocktail l Monkfish

Skillcape Shop : Shopkeeper : Wise Old Man

99 Mastery Skillcape

Fist of Guthix Shop : Shopkeeper : Reggie

Battle Robes l Druidic Mage Robes l Combat Robes l Adamant Spikeshield l Adamant Berserker Shield l Rune Spikeshield l Rune Berserker Shield l All Dragonhide Coifs l All gauntlets (besides Primal) l

99 Mastery Shop : Shopkeeper : King Lathas

Dungeoneering Cape

Slayer Rewards Shop : Shopkeeper : Kuradal

Ice Diamond l Mystery Box l Strange Box l Experience Lamp l

Magic Shop : Shopkeeper : Magic Store Owner

All runes (besides Soul) l All Elemental Staffs l Full Ghostly l Full Mystic l Full Wizard l Ancient Staff l

PKP(Player Killing Point) Shop : Nomad

Vesta Chainbody l Vesta Plateskirt l Vesta Spear l Statius' Platebody l Statius' Platelegs l Statius' Warhammer l Morrigan's Leather Body l Morrigan's Leather Chaps l Morrigan's Coif l Javelins l Full Zuriel l Zuriel Staff l

PKing Store : Shopkeeper : Shopkeeper

Seers Ring l Archers Ring l Berserker Ring l Warriors Ring l Rocktail l Tuna Potato l Manta Ray l Shark l Monkfish l Saradomin Brew l Super Attack Potion l Super Strength Potion l Super Defence Potion l Super Range Potion l Super Prayer Potion l Super Restore Potion l Antipoison l Berserker Helms l

Armour Shop : Shopkeeper : Horvik

All Defenders l Iron Full Helm l Iron Platebody l Iron Platelegs l Fighter Torso l Climbing Boots l Rune Platebody l Rune Full Helm l Rune Platelegs l Dragon Scimitar l Iron Scimitar l Rune Scimitar l Abyssal Whip l Dragon 2h Sword l Rune 2h Sword l Tzhaar-ket-om (Obby Maul) l Granite Maul l Amulet of Strength l Anti-Dragon Fire Shield l Helm of Neitiznot l Rune Boots l Toktz-ket-xil (Obby Shield) l Quest Point Cape l Quest Point Hood l DDS (Dragon Dagger p++) l

Archer Store : Shopkeeper : Bow and Arrow Salesman

All Arrows l All Shortbows l Leather Body l Leather Chaps l All Dragon Hide l Rune Crossbow l Iron Bolts l Steel Bolts l Mithril Bolts l

Robert the Strong: Shopkeeper : Robert the Strong

Sagittarian Armor

Pirate Jackie the Fruit: Shopkeeper : Pirate Jackie the Fruit

Under Construction

Guide Created by Evan

Editing and Organizing by Cali

Thanks to Galio for keeping me interested while doing this page.

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