Slayer is another money making skill that uses combat and time.

You can start slayer by talking to Kuradal in the Gypsy Tent. She will give you a task. If your task is Skeletons, do ::rtask, as it is bugged at the moment.

The slayer monster you are assigned will be in the More Bosses Teleport and Monster Teleports (Slayer Tower, Taverly Dungeon, and Brimhaven Dungeon.)

The harder and higher level the monsters are, the more Slayer experience will be given. Each time you complete a slayer task, you will get 10 Slayer points, in which you could buy things at the Slayer Shop (Kuradal).

When you reach 99 Slayer, there is a Slayer shop (Grandpa Jack) at Slayer Tower for level 99s only that offers great things and you can now get the awesome Slayer Skillcape. The cape itself is black, and when it is trimmed, the trim is red.

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Guide made by Evan.